Have Special Power is an Oakland based three piece rock band that writes and performs tunes about apocalypse, realizations by crazy people, biblical characters, ex-lovers, fear of self, loss, the human condition, spite, joy, confusion, interstate drives and some stuff we just make up. If these themes are not for you, HSP (and most artsy shit) might be a bad idea.

Formed in 2010 or so from the ashes of previous local three piece "the Lag", Have Special Power was named thus when AndyW was digging through some database code used to classify elderly patients being evaluated for dementia. There he found a true/false field among other symptoms of losing it with age titled HAVE_SPECIAL_POWER. It made sense.

2013 Lineup - Sig, Andy and Chris.


What Is A Special Power and Do I Have One?

Every person on earth grows up thinking that there is something incredible about them and the earth is incredible because this is true.

Exciting News!

Discography / Where to Listen and Buy Online


AndyW (Chief Guitar Officer & Orator)
ChrisP (Chief Percussion Officer & Organist)
SigH (Chief Low Frequency Officer)

(if you are interested in booking or otherwise contacting HSP, send an email to booking and then maybe an at sign followed by havespecialpower.com and that should work)
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